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Are you ready to blow the lid off everything you ever knew about sex?


What would you do if you discovered a 250,000-year-old secret science kept hidden from the world that had the capability to unleash unprecedented powers of creation through your sexual union? How would you feel when you realised that the most brilliant minds across the ages had known about this ancient secret, harnessing its sexual omnipotence to fuel their genius? This sensational little book will open you to astounding possibilities of the power of sacred sex magik, delivering you the practical steps to unleash pure genius through your own sublime sexual union. You will never be the same again!



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This book was a real eye opener & was written in a way that was super easy to digest. It certainly is filled with great Magik & will definitely capture you. I'd highly recommend you read this & see where it can take you too.

~ Osmaan, Goodreads

Wow, this is indeed a treasure of a book from one of my favourite authors. The book itself was easy and quick to read. A.K makes quite a complex and in depth message very easy to understand. At the same time as challenging you to your core to live a life on purpose and aligned to who you really are. I'm excited to try this out now and ready to do some research of my own!

~ Michelle, Goodreads

The Little Book of Sacred Sex Magik is a gorgeous little book that constantly surprised me as I learnt of ancient sex magik rituals that have been deliberately kept secret by an elite few and used throughout history to control the masses. The author uses her own experience of sacred sex magik to describe how to use this powerful, transformative technique in your own life. I won’t divulge too much, apart from to say that sex is not what you have been led to believe.

~ Juhls, Goodreads

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