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ceremony of choosing flat cover silver dec 2017
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666 students.

A deadly choice.

A treacherous journey into the bowels of dark magik.

When the fifth wave of freshers students arrive at the mysterious Skolomanche University of magik, they are in for a shock. To secure their place they are faced with a deadly choice; turn back or venture into the dark alchemical depths of a treacherous journey ahead, ‘The Ceremony of Choosing’.

As Freshers week comes to an end, they learn the terrifying fate of all who have attempted this before them. Will they decide to enter? If so, can they harness the magik that no other students before them have, to face and defeat the dark forces that lay in waiting and become the elusive ‘Alquantums’?



RELEASES 11/11/2018

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alkquileahan SLR website layer