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Deep beneath the foundations of an ancient Scottish castle lies a timeless alchemical secret...


Awaiting discovery by a chosen few, unlocked by something older than time...

When Louise uncovers a dark secret in Edinburgh Castle from an age long past, her world shatters. Many centuries ago, mysterious forces tore her away from her great love, the mighty alchemist ‘Magus’. But Why? Leaving the castle with a mysterious coded ring upon her finger, she is catapulted headlong into a thrilling, supernatural deadly quest to attempt to reunite with her lover once more.

The past begins to come to life as the Magus haunts her dreams and invades her every waking moment in his relentless quest to get her to call him back to life, back to her, so they can complete what they once began. But the Magus isn’t the only one pursuing her. An ancient deadly enemy crosses quantum time to continue the task it began aeons ago… to keep Louise, the Magus and their magik apart.

Foreboding takes hold within her quest to uncover the staggering truth of their real identity and exactly what they were doing that caused them to be savagely torn from one another and hunted down.

Book 1 of The Sacred Quest Trilogy has you believing you are opening yourself to an ordinary woman, unwittingly born of extraordinary magik, seeking to find and return her great love across time. Yet be prepared... By the time you reach the end of the trilogy you will realise that everything you thought you were reading at the beginning is not at all what you thought it was. Reality will never look the same again! 

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alkquileahan SLR website layer


Once I read this book, a book like no other, my life truly did become bloody brilliant.

- Samantha Rayn Bachman PHD, Naturopath, Doctor, TV Presenter 'A Bloody Brilliant Life'

A delightful easy to read style, very cleverly crafted. It reminds me of J.R. Tolkein's Lord of the Rings

- Leslie Bland, Retired Director/Founder Close Brothers Merchant Bank

I have read thousands of books in my life of all genres and this Trilogy is amongst the most powerful and resonant I have ever read. It delivers essentially an alternative and much older history of humanity, one that I believe is much more authentic than what we have been taught to believe. The books are magical. They will change you in wonderful ways.

- David Woolfson, Lawyer and Club of Budapest Toronto

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The ancient and magikal locations at the heart of The sacred Quest Trilogy are real! Many of the sites are cloaked in mystery with very little ever having been revealed about their incredible origins and very few people ever having experienced them. Imagine being able to go visit these places, walk out the story of the Trilogy and uncover their many covert secrets for yourself.

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