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It all begins in an archaic castle in the heart of Scotland...

In the darkest recesses of its history lays a secret imbued with magik into its very foundations: alive beneath the streets of Edinburgh unseen to all but those with the magik sight. Unlocked by something older than time. When Louise uncovers a dark secret in an age-old Scottish castle, one that tore her from her mighty alchemist lover ‘Magus’ of an age long-past, her world shatters. Leaving the castle with a mysterious coded ring on her finger, she is catapulted headlong onto a thrilling deadly quest through a world of synchronistic supernatural magic to attempt to reunite with the Magus once more and complete what they once began. As she begins to recall and write the alchemy of their epic story, the ceremonial temple blood magic that binds them is unleashed as are the story’s characters and events which uncannily come to life, leading her on an incredible trail through quantum time to come face to face with the terror that once tore them apart.

This book 1 of The Sacred Quest Trilogy has you believing you are opening yourself to a woman, born of magik, seeking to find and return her great love across time. Yet be prepared. By the time you reach the end of the trilogy you will realise that everything you thought you were reading at the beginning is not at all what you thought it was. Reality will never be the same to you again!